What is The SMILE System™?

It is a positive thinking framework that delivers a straightforward yet powerful process for building emotional resilience, growing confidence and nurturing self-belief.

Created by motivational trainer and business coach, Ronit Gerber, this life-changing personal development programme is built around 6 core principles or skills that will enhance the way you approach all aspects of life.

Who is the SMILE System™ for?

Anyone who needs support overcoming challenges can benefit from The SMILE System™. If you need help finding the positive in situations, then the SMILE system can work well for you.

What is the aim of the SMILE System™?

The aim of The SMILE System™ is to connect you to a stronger part of yourself, to raise your awareness, expand your consciousness and ultimately inspire you to lead a more authentic, balanced and fulfilled life.

How will the SMILE System™ impact me?

The SMILE System™ encourages self-reflection and self-awareness in a way that will empower and inspire you to make the most of your challenges and your life. Using this proven method, you will build your inner strength and raise your self-esteem. You will feel motivated and excited to turn your challenges into opportunities. You will learn how to stay focused and optimistic when things around you go wrong.

How can I access The SMILE System™?

The SMILE System™ is available as:

  a book

  an audio programme

  training courses and workshops

  one-to-one coaching

  bespoke motivational events

  team training sessions

  keynote speeches

How do I find out more about
The SMILE System™?

We’d love to answer your questions and explore ways to share The SMILE System™ with you.

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Enable your innate strength and positivity to shine through with The SMILE System™.

  • Idit Ginsberg, Company Director
    I did not want her talk to end! The SMILE System™ is such an incredible programme that I want to incorporate it into my everyday activities. I especially loved the story about the two wolves and have kept the little gift I was given on my computer screen to inspire me to push forward.
    Idit Ginsberg, Company Director
  • Stacey Lewis, Physiotherapist, South Africa
    I found this system to be exceptionally beneficial and unique as a coaching tool/system. The strength of The SMILE System is that it allows one to examine one's life as a whole - it is not about facilitating a total life "overhaul" but about acknowledging one's strengths and areas of success in life. It also allows a refreshing look at "problems" as rather being opportunities to do and see things differently.
    Stacey Lewis, Physiotherapist, South Africa
  • Tony Wayne I Director I Strategic Business Alliance Ltd
    Sometimes in business you find a real gem of knowledge that can help your fellow business owners. The SMILE System™ is an ingenious but simple way to tackle issues not just in your business but personal life too. You could be dealing with staff, customer service issues, finance, production, loss of business etc. The SMILE System™ encourages a new mindset which in turn inspires a new positivity in dealing with any issues. All our attendees at this training session derived great benefits and we would thoroughly recommend it to any business owner or organisation.
    Tony Wayne I Director I Strategic Business Alliance Ltd
  • SD, Jewellery Designer
    Thank you! Working with you is just what I was looking for! It made me realise how much I was holding myself back and enabled me to create a plan to reach my goals. I have had so much success in all areas of my life.
    SD, Jewellery Designer
  • Lisa M, Life & Consciousness Coach
    I believe that The SMILE System is a gift to the world. After having learned and applied the SMILE System in depth, on a personal level and with my clients in my practice, I feel that due to its many layers, it is appropriate and attainable for anyone, at any stage of personal growth.
    Lisa M, Life & Consciousness Coach
  • Belinda J, Teacher
    The SMILE System has helped me enormously in changing the way I aspire to live my life. It has given me the confidence, empowerment and inspiration to face life's challenges. It has taught me how to overcome obstacles and appreciate new opportunities that may come may way.
    Belinda J, Teacher
  • Idit G, A Dash of Sparkle
    Ronit is an incredible speaker, I did not want her talk to end! The SMILE  System is such an incredible programme that I want to try to incorporate into my everyday activities. I have kept the little gift she gave us on my computer screen to inspire to push forward.
    Idit G, A Dash of Sparkle
  • Sophie, 15
    I found The SMILE System very interesting and clever as I like how each letter relates to something that can make you smile and generally feel happier. It allows you to reflect on your feelings and gives you a chance to express thoughts whilst learning techniques that will help you throughout life.
    Sophie, 15