SMILE for teens is a 1:1 or group coaching programme aimed specifically at teenagers and young adults who are facing challenging situations at school, college, home, or work. Book a 1:1 or group coaching arrow_forward_ios

The SMILE for Teens Programme has helped:

Raise self-esteem

Build self-belief and confidence

Foster self-efficacy

Boost morale and motivation

Overcome peer pressure and exam stress

Would you like to view your life, your challenges and your potential in a new and empowering way?

Discover the skills you need to stay positive when things around you are going wrong.

Being a teenager or young adult in the 21st century can be stressful. In a fast-changing world, it can be hard to keep on top of all the demands placed on you – schoolwork, friends, family, job, hobbies – the list is long and can be exhausting. Coupled with the pressure you might feel to have your life played out on social media for everyone to like and comment on, sometimes it can just feel too overwhelming.

How can you play the game your way? By bringing The SMILE System™ into your world.

SMILE is a simple, 6-step approach to reframing your thinking, rising above negativity, and gaining self-confidence and control over your destiny.

You are the author of your story, not merely a character to be manipulated by others. So, take a positive step today and find out how this toolkit can put the smile back on your face.

If you are a parent, carer, teacher or employer of a young person who could benefit from a more positive outlook, you’re in the right place.

We would love to hear from you if you have questions about SMILE for teens, so please get in touch.

If you would like to smile more and feel happier, say hello to The SMILE System™ today.

  • Sophie, 15
    I found The SMILE System very interesting and clever as I like how each letter relates to something that can make you smile and generally feel happier. It allows you to reflect on your feelings and gives you a chance to express thoughts whilst learning techniques that will help you throughout life.
    Sophie, 15